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Miltonius Arts Podcast 40: That’s The Ticket!

Description: The Miltonius Arts Podcast rises again! In this episode, Milton, Bubba, and Dave talk about MMA, arcade adventures… and dirty cartoons.

75 Responses to Miltonius Arts Podcast

  1. Paladin Leonard says:

    lol ur hilarious! milton is making porn and dave making porn sounds? xD
    ben was making he script lmao

  2. ulquiorra says:

    well the ULT TEAM

  3. ulquiorra says:

    well i want to meet u guys u guys sound rly tight u make a awsome team

  4. Emerald Wizard says:

    Just listened to podcast 5. Last time I went legitimately camping my sleeping bag fell out of it’s straps on my backpack and I chases it down a hill. I caught it, slid on my knees, and stopped about 3 feet from the edge of an easy 300 foot drop. Scariest moment ever.

  5. Giransu Noa says:

    artix will speak For That “Special Announcement”

  6. Emo_AE says:

    Lol, You Guys Are Great :) Cant wait For That “Special Announcement” :)

  7. Leon says:

    Haha, its damn fun listening to you guys.

  8. Stevevane says:

    you guys rule :)

  9. SkyVampire says:


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