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Comics about what\'s going on in my life.

17 Responses to Comics

  1. AmazinglyScherzo says:

    Unless Ben really likes saying “bitch-nuts”, I don’t see the point of that being there.

  2. chris dakota says:

    bitch nuts

  3. niky says:

    miltonius arts estefoarte supermegatare

  4. niky says:

    miltonius arts este cel mai tare joc din lume

  5. Abenav says:

    xD. Nice job Milt :) I really love them. They let us relate to so much xD

  6. Crazy Still says:

    Hey Milton, I just came to say that you are awesome 😀 keep up with epicness.

  7. You Make Dave Look Like A Fucking AssHole :/

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